Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just when you think you're done decorating your house, your sister has a KILLER deal on vinyl, and you just can't stop yourself:

My front door, if you can't see it, it says:
"You are Welcome... but your shoes are not."

The Boys' room. The map goes over the entire wall. Both the map and compass were custom order.
Isn't it AWESOME?!

The plane has nothing to do with the vinyl. Got that at Home Goods. Ignore the dust.
Their room has a "transportation" theme, and the map really completes the look.

The boys bathroom. I have 15 custom "bubbles" all around the room on the walls...

... and mirror.

I also have, on the boys' bathroom mirror, a custom vinyl in an "etching" color. It's awesome. I would post it, but I don't know if I am allowed to post a poem due to copyright laws... Hmm.

Perfectly spaced was awesome to use. Their products applied easily, shipping was FAST (Seriously. Fast.), and customer service was great. As you can see, I got several custom items. They designed quickly, and with each revision, I got an e-mail and was able to make changes as needed. I know it's my sister, but seriously. If my childhood is any indication, favoritism had nothing to do with my service. (Sorry, Sami... had to say it.) Also, pricing was VERY competitive.

So, why should you care about my great deal??

This is also good for you, my loyal readers. In an effort to get more traffic to their site, Perfectly Spaced has authorized me to do a GIVEAWAY!!! The rules:

Send an e-mail to 3 of your friends/family (who may be in the market for vinyl...) and get them to go to the site. Or post about this post on your blog.

Post a comment here, on this post, telling me why you deserve $15.00 in vinyl product, and who you sent information to. (Funny entries are good... I am not above emotional bribery.)

Get to it! As soon as I have enough entries, I will let y'all know who the lucky winner is.

P.S. Everyone is a winner when you get a great product for a low price, even if you don't win... I'm just sayin'.


  1. I LOVE the map in the boys room!!! I love your wreath on your front door too. Where is it from?

  2. They turned out great. I love the map!! Do you have it going on the window and wall?? And I would love some vinyl designs but have NO IDEA what I would do!!

  3. Hey, I stumbled acrossed you blog, through a friends blog! When I looked at her blog list a name looked familar (Your brothers) from there I found your blog! Amazing how that happened, but it looks like your life is going great! :) I am so happy for you! Do you remember me? Can't forget writing stories in Mr. Huntings Math class right? Anyway, I have a private blog. Let me know if ya want an invite! :)

  4. I LOVE the map on the wall. It is awesome!

  5. I'm sure you know that you are talented! Very creative! Keep up the good work. I'd love to come see your home and visit some day.

  6. I looked through the website...I like the Snow White quote! What do you think about the coffee sign in my kitchen?? I was a little disappointed that it was mostly words to put on your wall. I would like big flowers (not hibiscus) for my bathroom downstairs.

  7. For Melissa - you can custom order nearly ANYTHING you want... so don't let your want of non-hibiscus big flowers keep you from ordering. Perfectly Spaced can do just about anything. They have two custom jobs for me and they are beautiful. Just ask them - they will do whatever they can to make your big flower dreams come true. And no... I'm not related to them... and they have no idea I'm saying this. I'm just being perfectly honest with you. :) YAY for their vinyl... and their customer service... I dig it.

  8. -- grammatical correction --
    There was supposed to be a "done" in the middle of the third sentence. My apologies.

  9. Brooks, I like your sign on the door. I definately NEED one of those. I out of habbit always take my shoes off (unless told otherwise) in other people's homes and would like people to do the same for mine. :) And by the by....I need your mailing address again.

  10. I love the VINYL! I love decorating my house and making it feel more like home. I like the vinyl because I feel like I can add a little of myself and it adds a warm comfort. Plus it looks nice!!! Love you!

  11. Io love the no shoes sign, I could use that in my house. There is something about cow manure being rubbed into my carpet from certain in-laws that makes me shudder.....

  12. I would love some vinyl to also do some type of welcome on my front door. I also think it would be fun to do some stuff for my girl scouts like the name onto a wood board.